Glenn NP Nowak presenting
Aug. 18, 2022

The Aero-AI team with Glenn NP Nowak, AIA, NCARB (UNLV Architecture) and M. Arch 2022 graduate Osarodion Victory Igbinobaro among others won 3rd Place in the UNLV President's Innovation Challenge (spring, and recently presented at BlackFire to invited guests including all 63 Nevada State Legislators)! You can view the Aero-AI presentation in full on YOUTUBE

Jimmy Romo was at the awarding ceremony and wrote about it in the UNLV Scarlet and Grey Free Press: 

Judges had the job of scoring the teams based on five categories. To win, the teams must make sure their problem statement is impactful for the valley. Then how innovative their solution is judged. The teams then go through their proof of concept by usually presenting their physical product. Then based on how scalable the product is judged and overall the presentation is judged. 

Robert Rippee, executive director of Black Fire Innovations Hub, introduced all the teams and started with the third-place winner of $10,000 Aero AI. 

Aero AI, set out to pilot the next generation of 3D data libraries with drones. This technology is planned to be open sourced and would be able to map out any landscape, which could benefit many fields, like architects, researchers, developers, site managers, and more.