Nov. 10, 2022

Santiago Bataller, a Ph.D. student in Biological Sciences, won first place in the 2022 Rebel Grad Slam 3-Minute Thesis Competition

Rebel Grad Slam, an annual weeklong event hosted by the Graduate College, challenges graduate students to present their research in a condensed and compelling way using only three minutes and one presentation slide.

Preliminary and semifinal rounds, which began on Oct. 31, culminated on Nov. 4 in a final round featuring 10 students representing disciplines ranging from anthropology to mechanical engineering. 

Congratulations to the 2022 Rebel Grad Slam winners:

  • First place: 
    • Santiago Bataller, Biological Sciences Ph.D., Developing a Biofortified and Climate-Smart Rice for a Hungry World
  • Second place
    • Taylor Flaherty, Anthropology Ph.D., Misgendering a Transgender Woman Using FORDISC 3.1: A Case Study Perspective Using the Structural Vulnerability Profile
  • Third place (tie): 
    • Jenn Chandler, Performance MFA, Does an Actor Need Technique?
    • Bhagya De Silva, Chemistry Ph.D., Thermodynamic characterization of the binding between GSK3β protein and Beryllium ion: Our approach to discover novel drug candidates for Alzheimer's disease
    • Nicole Tanguay, Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.S., Women, Trauma and Incarceration - An Ethnographic Study
  • Audience choice:
    • Dustin Davis, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D., Outside Looking In: Connecting to Oneself and Nature Through Green Exercise