Nov. 20, 2020


Kendra McClothen, a Ph.D. student in Neuroscience, and Harjiv Singh, a Ph.D. student in Kinesiology, tied for first place in the 2020 Rebel Grad Slam competition on Nov. 18. 

Rebel Grad Slam, an annual event hosted by the Graduate College, challenges graduate students to present their research in a condensed and compelling way using only three minutes and one slide.

Preliminary and semifinal rounds throughout two weeks culminated in a final round featuring 12 students representing disciplines ranging from couple and family therapy to mechanical engineering. 

2020 Rebel Grad Slam Winners:

  • 1st place: 
    • Kendra McGlothen, Neuroscience, Astrocytes Affect on Cortical Circuitry and Motor Behavior
    • Harjiv Singh, Kinesiology, Mind Over Body - Creating Effective Cues for Optimal Motor Performance
  • 2nd place
    • Andrew Ortiz, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, The Link Between Alzheimer's Disease & Type II Diabetes
  • 3rd place: 
    • Shaimaa Abdelhaleem, Geoscience, Earthquakes in Las Vegas?

2020 Rebel Grad Slam Semi-Final Rounds Schedule