Sep. 10, 2020
Risk Management and Safety appreciates the efforts made by the campus community in creating a safe and healthy environment. The safe day-to-day responsibilities rests with each employee and with those who supervise them. At the beginning of this Fall semester, we would like to remind the campus of a handful of safety topics.
Safety Concern/Near Miss Form

This form allows the campus community to easily contact RMS with safety issues. Please use the reporting form so we may address your concerns in a quick and efficient manner.

Cart Safety

Please remember to operate carts safely around pedestrians and do not park near building entrances. Anyone operating a cart must first complete cart safety training. This training may be completed online (see below for instructions how to access online training). Note that use of carts is restricted to employees, student workers, documented volunteers, and graduate assistants. Students are not authorized to operate carts.

Safety Data Sheets(SDS)

Safety Data Sheets provide information on the properties of specific hazardous materials. SDSs are available through any device connected to the campus network.

Online Training

RMS continues to update its library of online safety training classes, which are available to any employee or student 24/7.

Required Defensive Driving Course

The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) requires that anyone who operates a UNLV vehicle completes a Defensive Driver Course (DDC). Contact RMS (702)-895-4226 to schedule, or go to to request this course. 

Work-Related Injuries on Campus

In the event of a work-related injury, employees should notify their immediate supervisor and document the incident using the Notice of Injury or Occupational Disease form (C1). The employee should visit one of the approved clinics. Employees should not use their personal medical providers because this may delay the process. In addition, any work-related injury should be documented using Form C-1. More information may be found on the worker's compensation page.

If you have any questions regarding the above topics or any other safety-related concern, please contact Risk Management and Safety at 702-895-4226.