Why I am a Rebel Advocate

“I am a Rebel Advocate for UNLV because it has been a great way to use my influence to create opportunities and foster growth in alumni engagement from diverse backgrounds. Being an active alumna allows me to increase awareness by showcasing value, stewardship, and advocacy on important social issues. My main commitment is giving back to UNLV and our community.”

Stacey Purcell ‘90, UNLV Alumni Association Board Member and Assistant Director of Sales, Caesars Entertainment

We are alumni, volunteers, teachers, present and former faculty, staff, friends to UNLV, and students that want to use our voices to build a stronger UNLV and the UNLV Alumni Association for years to come. We care about protecting and advancing the mission of UNLV, fostering research, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovations by building and increasing public awareness of the contributions and impact that UNLV makes to our community.

Rebel Advocates works with UNLV, the UNLV Alumni Association, the UNLV Office of Government & Community Engagement, the UNLV Alumni Association Board, the UNLV Foundation, the UNLV Board of Trustees, university leaders, and other key stakeholders to advocate about issues that have immediate and long term impacts to UNLV and the UNLV Alumni Association.  UNLV alumni are encouraged to support the values of higher learning through advocacy, involvement, and giving.

Top Ways Rebel Advocates Can Make An Impact

  1. Learn about what is new and exciting at UNLV and efforts of the UNLV Alumni Association
  2. Reconnect with your college to understand its issues and needs
  3. Network with fellow UNLV alumni, neighbors, and friends by attending an event
  4. Be ready to participate in a Call to Action

The Role of a Rebel Advocate

The most important part of the role is simply signing up to become a Rebel Advocate with your name and email. if an issue presents itself at the Federal Government, State Government, Nevada Legislature, the County Commission, or City Council, etc., the UNLV Alumni Association will be able to pull your information quickly to issue a Call to Action.

Time Requirements

The time requirement is completely up to you. You can choose to participate in a Call to Action on your own time.

Call to Action

Rebel Advocates are asked to be prepared to participate in a call to action. The Call to Action will be emailed to you with instructions about what is needed. Some examples of calls to action can include being asked to write a letter or send an email to your elected officials, testify at a hearing or attend a meeting, reposting messages on your social media accounts, or simply just asking fellow UNLV alumni to become a Rebel Advocate.