Think you have what it takes to join Detachment 004?

Call 702-895-5313 with any questions.

The UNLV AFROTC Detachment 004 New Cadet Orientation for the Fall 2018 is tentatively scheduled for 17 August 2018. Plan on coming out and spending the day with Det 004 if you wish to apply to join! Students are given an introduction to the Air Force ROTC program and life as a cadet, and meet current cadets and ROTC cadre. Please RSVP for orientation prior to 10 Aug 2018 by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page or in the "Join" section in the menu.  That will take you to the Holm Center website where you will create a cadet account and fill out your application. IMPORTANT: Retain your login and password! If you have not received an email about the orientation by 13 Aug 18, please contact us by phone.

  • The physical fitness assessment (FA) will be administered at the new Cadet Orientation. Time and location will be sent to students who complete the online application.
  • You’ll complete an application packet and an interview required before you are considered for enrollment.
  • Enrollment Requirements

Physical Fitness Assessment (FA)

The FA will be given during orientation. The assessment includes:

  • Waist measurement
  • One minute of timed pushups
  • One minute of timed situps
  • A timed 1.5-mile run

Prior to taking the FA, an AFROTC Pre-Participatory Sports Physical, Form 28, must be filled out by a qualified physician. This documentation must be brought to orientation. Note that to pass the assessment, you must meet the minimums for each scored exercise and attain a score of 75 out of 100 overall.

Supporting documentation for minimum expectations to pass the U.S. Air Force PFA for males and females under age 30:

The AFROTC program is aimed at producing officers to lead the men and women of the Air Force, so students unable to pass the fitness assessment and remain within in the height and weight standards will not be allowed into the program. However, students will be given a second opportunity approximately two weeks later to pass the assessment if they fail it the first time.