• UNLV offers a variety of classes to give students the opportunity to explore their passions and career options, while also meeting the UNLV First-Year Seminar general education requirement. Get more FYS course information.
  • Career counseling is offered by Career Services. Their students can explore career options for various majors or take the free FOCUS 2 interest inventory that measures one's interests, abilities, and values in relationship to various careers. This personality inventory may help students consider careers they have overlooked in the past.
  • The majors page identifies the majors offered at UNLV.
  • The Exploring major with the Academic Success Center, allows UNLV freshmen and sophomores to concentrate on the University's general education requirements, while working with one of their advisors to research the majors you are interested in and your options related to careers.

Declaring or changing a major is not a difficult process. Simply visit the advising center of choice for details concerning the academic requirements for individual majors, and you are on your way.