Executive Director of Advising Office

The Office of the Executive Director of Academic Advising is responsible for the institutional leadership, mission, and forward progress of the 11 academic advising centers in the campus spaces in which they serve as a professional community. Dr. Gayle Juneau-Butler is the executive director of academic advising.

Specifically, Juneau is the chair of the academic advising council and, in this role, she developed seven university advising commissions in which she provides general leadership and oversight. The commissions are in the areas of:

  • academic advising assessment
  • multicultural and international issues
  • network academic advising outreach
  • non-traditional students
  • research and professional development
  • Rebel voice
  • technology and advising

In addition to these central organizational structures, Dr. Juneau is responsible for the overall assessment of academic advising, professional development opportunities, and she coordinates communication across the 11 advising centers and related academic and student service divisions on campus.

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