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Our academic programs focus on effective public policymaking, creating strong support structures to meet behavioral and mental health challenges, and ensuring cities are safe and prepared to meet emergency situations. The college also supports community dialogue and civic engagement through effective and ethical journalism and interpersonal and public communication strategies.

You Can Choose From a Variety of Disciplines
UNLV female student at the debate podium.

Communication and Conflict Resolution

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Social Well-Being

Students interviewing and being filmed.

Digital Storytelling

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Urban Studies

The inside of a mock trial courtroom.

Juvenile Justice

A presentation at a nonprofit initiative meeting.

Being competitive in today’s job market means developing critical thinking skills, communicating effectively, and learning to collaborate with others to achieve common goals. Our mission is to focus on building safe, resilient communities; charting the course for effective government and policy, civil discourse, and effective and ethical journalism. We care about what families need and we are working to develop effective urban support structures for behavioral mental health needs.

Gain Real-World Experience and Apply What You Learn By Taking Advantage of Opportunities

The production of Rebel Report with a student anchor giving a presentation.
Working on shows produced by the journalism school’s studios or taking classes to produce the Emmy Award-winning Rebel Report.
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Gaining field experience through the School of Social Work at practicum sites including the Clark County School District, Seven Hills Hospital, Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and local private practices.
A student standing in front of the City of Las Vegas, Nevada emblem.
Interning for local, state and federal government agencies.
A student in a green "service day" shirt helping nonprofits prepare stuffed animal donations.
Helping nonprofits start up to achieve success.
A faculty member standing in front of a prison surrounded by a large fence.
Conducting undergraduate research in bi-partisan policy issues surrounding veterans, incarceration systems, tourism safety, and domestic violence awareness.

With a Degree in Urban Affairs, Students Can Work in a Broad Array of Fields

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Students standing with a criminal justice professor next to a police vehicle.

Law Enforcement

A administrative faculty from creative services working with an elder gentleman drawing.

Nonprofit Agencies

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Private Companies

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Hospitality Sector

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Now that you are interested, learn more about how urban affairs can start you on a path to create contemporary solutions for resilient communities through leadership, collaboration, and innovation.