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Majoring in the sciences will help you develop a broad base of knowledge that forms the basis of technology and innovation in today’s world. You can choose from a variety of disciplines, including: astronomy, biochemistry, geology, life sciences, mathematics, physics, and statistics.

You Can Take Courses in Diverse Areas
shooting star after sunset

Stars and Galaxies

Student looks through microscope


Closeup of pietri dish

Bacterial Pathogenesis

Students in class doing lab work.

Organic Chemistry


Natural Disasters


Being competitive in today’s job market means developing critical thinking skills, communicating effectively, and learning to collaborate with others to achieve common goals. We help you build these skills inside the classroom and beyond.

Gain Real-World Experience and Apply What You Learn By Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Two students work with Professor
Work with faculty in a laboratory setting to conduct original research.
Student digs for fossils
Get outside the classroom to observe mammals in their natural habitat or digg for ancient fossils.
Science major assist child with experiment.
Introduce elementary school students in the Clark County School District to basic scientific principles.
Student Organization Table outside of the Student Union
Students interested in pursuing health-related professional fields can join student-run organizations on campus that are making a difference in Southern Nevada.

With a Degree in Science, Students Can Work in a Broad Array of Fields

mining site

Mining and Oil Companies

Tecnician uses cat scan

Medical Technician

Two students work with laser equipment

Laser Engineer

Switch board with many patch cables

IT Consultant

Pills falling out of pill bottle

Pharmaceutical Companies

I drop of water ripples

Positions at local, state, and government agencies, such as the Southern Nevada Water Authority and the Southern Nevada Health District

Student standing in from of telescope at sunset

Now that you are interested, learn more about how sciences can start you on a path of lifelong learning and discovery.