A student wearing a backcountry backpack facing the right.

Majoring in liberal arts will help you develop a broad base of knowledge. You can choose from a variety of disciplines, including: anthropology; English; history; interdisciplinary, gender and ethnic studies; philosophy; political science; psychology; sociology; and world languages and cultures.

You Can Take Courses in Diverse Areas
A bronze sculpture of The Thinker.

Brain and Behavior

A man writing in a journal with a laptop open next to him.

Creative Writing

Hands united together from different cultures.

Ethnic Groups in Contemporary Society

A mesh of political words on a canvas.

Comparative Politics

A sunset over a sea of clouds.

Philosophy of Religion

A professor communicating with his students.

Being competitive in today’s job market means being able to think critically, communicate effectively, and work well with others. We help you build these skills inside the classroom and beyond.

Gain Real-World Experience and Apply What You Learn By Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Student working with faculty.
Working in a faculty lab to perform research.
Students working in community doing research.
Conducting community-based action research to address social justice issues.
Petroglyphs preserved on a rock face.
Participating in historic preservation work for national monuments and conservation lands.
A student curating a piece of work for a museum.
Helping curate a historical exhibit for a local museum.
Student working with faculty at an Archeological dig site.
Accompanying a professor on an archaeological dig.
A student working on an election campaign.
Working an internship for a local, state or national elected official.
A passport, camera, and bottle of wine on a map with a magnifying glass overlooking it.
Studying abroad and becoming immersed in another language and culture.

With a Degree in Liberal Arts, Students Can Work in a Broad Array of Fields

A manager leading a business meeting.

Manager / Corporate Executive

An attorney in an office writing down some notes while on the phone.


A archeologist writing down some notes at a dig site.


A professor of sociology next to a fence showcasing the condition of poverty in society.


Two psychologists working in a lab studying a new medicine.


An editor working on a laptop with a marked up document next to her.

Author / Editor

A desk with a tablet and documents showing charts and graphs.

Policy Analyst

A social worker sitting and talking with a child on a playground.

Mental Health Counselor

Student holding and examining a skull.

Now that we’ve piqued your curiosity, learn more about how liberal arts can start you on a path of lifelong learning and discovery.