A flutist and harpist playing at a gallery.

Majoring in fine arts, you will create a firm foundation that helps you develop into a well-rounded artist, enabling you to explore your passion in a vibrant setting and be ready for future career opportunities. You can choose from a wide variety of artistic disciplines each with their own degrees and certificates, including architecture, art, dance, film, music, theatre, and entertainment engineering & design.

You Can Choose From a Variety of Courses
A student with a filming camera and lighting behind her.

Production 1 in Film

A student building a 3d ball out of wood.

3D Design in Art

A student holding a guitar.

History of Rock and Roll

A student on center stage of the theatre.

Intro to Acting in Theatre

A student using pilates in dance.

Survey of African Dance

UNLVs orchestra on the stage within the concert hall.

Being successful competitive in today’s job market means you’ll need to keep an open mind and explore your craft knowing that whichever pathway you choose, you are part of a fine arts community that cares deeply about its students and works hard to make sure that every single one succeeds. Graduates of our college will join an alumni group of more than 6,000 individuals.

Majoring in fine arts, you will be exposed not only to the newest thinking and most important skills in the arts, but to opportunities and resources outside of the classroom. Our unique location in the entertainment capital of the world also gives students access to opportunities they won’t find anywhere else.

A view of the Las Vegas Strip.
Access to some of the famous stages of the Las Vegas Strip.
A directory working with a student in theatre.
Working with leading show producers, designers, and directors.
A scene of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign along Las Vegas Boulevard.
Access to leading architects and firms responsible for some of Las Vegas' most iconic landmarks.
A visual artist designing a memorial with students assisting.
Acclaimed visual artists who have had worked exhibited internationally.
A view of UNLV campus and its scenery.
A backdrop to live, work, and study that is unlike any other.

With a Degree in Fine Arts, Our Alumni Have Achieved Great Success and Become Leaders in their Fields

Several golden Oscar awards from different years.

Winning major prizes

A silhouette of a celebrity holding a microphone.

Becoming celebrated recording artists, visual artists, architects, filmmakers, dancers, and scholars

An orchestra playing in a concert hall.

Appearing on television, Broadway and concert halls around the world

A saxophonist playing with a band.

Rising to become major figures in many aspects of the entertainment industry, one of the fastest-growing global enterprises.

Performers on stage dancing.

Now that you are interested, learn more about how our college can offer educational and engagement opportunities that prepare you for a rewarding career and a lifetime of learning and discovery in the arts.