Man with a camera filming to men shaking hands.

Obtaining a degree in Communication Studies will prepare you with the skills to speak, write, and visually communicate effectively in interpersonal, group, and public settings. These are the skills employers are looking for and will pave the way to leadership opportunities.

Jennifer Guthrie on the Communication Studies Discipline

UNLV Department of Communication Studies
You Can Take Courses in Diverse Areas
An audience of people listening to a speech.

Public Speaking and Persuasion

A collage of words focused on politics and law.

Law and Politics

A group a women marching and holding a sign that protests, "We are better than this!"

Community Activism

A child and an adult hand holding each other.

Social Work

A business leader helping her colleague with a project.

Business and Community Leadership

A student giving a speech with visuals behind him.

Communication Studies prepares you for the widest possible range of jobs. Our students develop the communication skills that employers across the country report most college graduates need: the ability to communicate effectively orally, visually, and in writing; the ability to explain complex ideas effectively to diverse audiences; the ability to manage interpersonal and small group relationships; the ability to think critically and analytically; and the ability to solve complex problems ethically.

Gain Real-World Experience and Apply What You Learn By Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Students helping prepare sack lunches for homeless youth.
Engage with faculty experts who are working on a wide variety of issues such as tourist safety, helping the homeless youth, and reducing domestic violence.
Student getting information on the 1st Generation Club at a booth.
Become involved in student clubs, the honors society, or participate in our nationally ranked and award-winning debate team.
A collage of faces from different cultures with someone looking over it with a magnifying glass.
Study abroad, or work with faculty on research projects such as domestic violence prevention, political speech analysis, or how to reduce stress in interpersonal relationships.
The US capitol building with flag raised.
Intern for state and U.S. legislators, media companies, local businesses, and nonprofits.

With a Degree in Communication Studies, Students Can Work in a Broad Array of Fields

Business meeting with two shaking hands.

Leaders in Business

Woman with a megaphone speaking to a crowd.

Community Activism

A microphone in front of a classroom full of chairs.


Inside a courtroom before the judges podium.


A camera crew recording a reporter with a mic.


The U.S. Supreme court building with the words "equal justice under law" etched at the top.


A student doing a mock debate at a podium with UNLV on it.

Now that you are interested, learn more about the excellent opportunities provided by a communication studies major, and how you can best engage, motivate, and impact your world.