College Spotlights

Get an in-depth look at specific majors during a College Spotlight.

Two business majors with black polo shirts on UNLV campus.

Business Spotlight

Meet with a Lee Business School faculty or staff member to learn about the exciting opportunities and exclusive resources that are available to our business students.

Business Spotlight is offered every other Monday.

A student working with children in a classroom.

Education Spotlight

Tour our innovative classrooms and facilities at the College of Education with faculty or staff members.

Education Spotlight is offered weekly, virtual and in-person.

An engineering major reviewing a complex circuit diagram.

Engineering Spotlight

Get a VIP tour of our specialized labs along with an overview of the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering from our faculty or staff and students.

Engineering Spotlight is offered weekly.

Fine Arts students performing in a dance in the Performing Arts Center.

Fine Arts Spotlight

UNLV College of Fine Arts offers two distinctly unique tours:

Performing Arts Spotlight: Peek behind the curtain to see the theatres, studios, classrooms, rehearsal spaces, and performance venues. We offer a unique training ground for artistic-minded individuals whether their goal is to perform on Broadway or the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and everything in between!

Visual Arts Spotlight: experience the galleries, design labs, and classrooms. We offer a unique training ground for artists of all kinds who seek to transform our global community through collaboration, scholarship, and innovation.

General Fine Arts Spotlights are offered every week virtually.

Performing Arts and Visual Arts Spotlights are offered every week (in-person) with tours alternating weekly.

A nursing student working with a trauma manikin.

Health Sciences and Nursing Spotlight

Talk with an academic advisor about all the opportunities and resources available to you at UNLV for a variety of healthcare fields.

Health Sciences and Nursing Spotlight is offered monthly. Currently only offering virtually for the fall semester.

A student in lab coat looking through a magnifying light at a Petri dish.

Sciences and Pre-Med Spotlight

Learn about the unique research opportunities and interactive learning environments available to you in the College of Sciences. An academic advisor will discuss the medical and professional schools’ application processes and how UNLV can prepare you for them.

Sciences and Pre-Med Spotlight is offered every other Thursday.

An honors medallion resting on an open textbook.

Honors Spotlight

Take a VIP tour of the UNLV Honors College in the Beverly Rogers Literature and Law Building, complete with an Honors College Overview. Open to students of all majors.

Honors Spotlight is offered every other Friday and is geared toward academically high-achieving students.

Chefs working at a prep station.

Hospitality Spotlight

Located in the heart of the hotel, gaming, and tourism industry, UNLV’s William F. Harrah College of Hospitality is ranked the top hospitality program in the world. Get a VIP tour of our facilities and learn how we achieved this distinction.

Hospitality Spotlight is offered weekly, virtual and in-person.

Students having a discussion in an anthropology class.

Liberal Arts Spotlight

Speak with an academic advisor and discover the wide variety of humanities and social sciences majors and minors offered in our largest college. Hear about our distinguished faculty, cutting-edge research, and the meaning of a well-rounded education.

Liberal Arts Spotlight is offered every other Monday.

A student giving the Rebel Report in a news studio.

Urban Affairs Spotlight

Explore the vast opportunities available to you in the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs with a current faculty or staff member.

Communications, Journalism, and News Media Spotlight: tour our TV, Radio and Recording Studios and learn more about how these degree programs function.

Criminal Justice, Public Policy, and Social Work Spotlight: learn more about how these degree programs can prepare you for a career as an agent of change in society.

Urban Affairs Spotlights are offered once a month alternating between programs.