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This information is reviewed for accuracy at least once every year in the month of June, but information will be updated ahead of this schedule if new and specific Program information is officially revealed to UNLV. Program representatives have collected this information and determined its accuracy to the best of their ability. If changes are made, UNLV will alert affected students by email, directing them to the information. If there are no changes, no emails will be sent. If you are an enrolled student at UNLV and officially report a change in the state where you are physically located and/or change to a different professional Program, UNLV will also direct you to the information by email.

The educational curriculum for your Program may or may not meet educational requirements for the state in which you are located and/or the state where you intend to practice. Pay close attention to the information to help guide decisions regarding your education and professional goals.

UNLV is required to disclose whether its curriculum meets or does not meet the curriculum requirements of other U.S. states and territories. If UNLV has not yet determined if its curriculum meets or does not meet the requirements in another state or territory, this must also be disclosed. This information is provided in the table.

Please also keep in mind that there are many requirements for the Program in addition to curriculum requirements. Licensure boards in different states and territories most often require that other criteria also be met for licensure/certification, including but not limited to:

  • passing post-graduation specific examinations;
  • graduating from programs accredited by specific accrediting agencies;
  • proof of working/practicing a specified number of hours in the discipline;
  • character, fitness, and age qualifications;
  • background checks;
  • citizenship; proof of a social security number;
  • fingerprint card;
  • drug screening;
  • and proof of malpractice insurance.

Prior to enrolling in or changing to a different Program, you should contact the licensure board in the state in which you wish to practice for the most complete and up to date information pertaining to your Program.  

It is important that you understand, should you change your Program, change your state of residence, and/or change where you intend to practice during your matriculation at UNLV, the Program requirements can be very different based upon the state involved. Also, understand that UNLV is under no obligation to change or adapt its curriculum, or secure any necessary authorizations that may be required from another state or that state’s professional licensure board should students relocate to another state during the course of their matriculation in a Program.

It is highly recommended that you contact the appropriate licensing agency in the state where you are located and/or intend to practice to confirm requirements.

Finally, you are reminded that you are obligated to give notice to UNLV to update your state of residence if you do relocate to another state during the term of your Program. Changes to the address for your physical location can be updated through MyUNLV.

Educational Specialist - School Psychology

States / Territories Eligibility Additional Information State's Professional Licensure Board's Website
Alaska (AK) Meets   View website
Alabama (AL) Meets   View website
Arkansas (AR) Meets   View website
American Samoa (AS) Does Not Meet With Caveat Website provides incomplete information  
Arizona (AZ) Meets   View website
California (CA) Meets   View website
Colorado (CO) Meets   View website
Connecticut (CT) Meets   View website
District of Columbia (DC) Meets   View website
Delaware (DE) Meets   View website
Florida (FL) Meets   View website
Georgia (GA) Meets   View website
Guam (GU) Does Not Meet With Caveat Website provides incomplete information  
Hawaii (HI) Does Not Meet With Caveat No formal state requirements, however, national body states this: Scope of Practice: The SEA does not engage in formal credentialing and therefore does not maintain a formal scope of practice. One must apply through the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Professional and Vocational Licensing office to engage in independent practice. Some school psychologists may be eligible for the licensed mental health counselor credential through the same Professional and Vocational Licensing office. View caveat View website
Iowa (IA) Meets   View website
Idaho (ID) Meets   View website
Illinois (IL) Meets   View website
Indiana (IN) Meets   View website
Kansas (KS) Meets   View website
Kentucky (KY) Meets   View website
Louisiana (LA) Meets   View website
Massachusetts (MA) Meets   View website
Maryland (MD) Meets   View website
Maine (ME) Meets   View website
Michigan (MI) Meets   View website
Minnesota (MN) Meets   View website
Missouri (MO) Meets   View website
Northern Mariana Islands (MP) Does Not Meet With Caveat Cannot find licensure information (may not exist)  
Mississippi (MS) Meets   View website
Montana (MT) Meets   View website
North Carolina (NC) Meets   View website
North Dakota (ND) Meets   View website
Nebraska (NE) Meets   View website
New Hampshire (NH) Meets   View website
New Jersey (NJ) Meets   View website
New Mexico (NM) Meets   View website
Nevada (NV) Meets   View website
New York (NY) Meets   View website
Ohio (OH) Meets   View website
Oklahoma (OK) Meets   View website
Oregon (OR) Meets   View website
Pennsylvania (PA) Meets   View website
Puerto Rico (PR) Does Not Meet With Caveat Website provides incomplete information  
Rhode Island (RI) Meets   View website
South Carolina (SC) Meets   View website
South Dakota (SD) Meets   View website
Tennessee (TN) Meets   View website
Texas (TX) Meets   View website
Utah (UT) Meets   View website
Virginia (VA) Meets   View website
Virgin Islands (VI) Does Not Meet With Caveat Website provides incomplete information  
Vermont (VT) Meets   View website
Washington (WA) Meets   View website
Wisconsin (WI) Meets   View website
West Virginia (WV) Meets   View website
Wyoming (WY) Meets   View website