Tutorials/Help Aids for Students

We've assembled a few tutorials to help you learn more about MyUNLV. From the basics of how to get around to help clearing your cache so MyUNLV displays correctly on your computer. Check back often for new tutorials and help aids on this page.

Title Tutorial Job Aid Last Updated
General Tutorials
How to Download your Unofficial Transcript   PDF  
MyUNLV Basics: a guide to logging in and basic navigation Web    
Searching for General Education Requirements   PDF 10/24/12
MyUNLV Registration Web    
MyUNLV Registration (with voice instruction) Web    
MyUNLV Adding Classes   PDF 10/18/12
MyUNLV Editing Class Schedule   PDF  
MyUNLV Swapping Classes   PDF  
MyUNLV Dropping Classes   PDF  
Understanding the Wait List Web PDF 4/10/12
Registrar Information Site Web    
Pay Your Tuition and Fees "Make a Payment" Web    
Enrolling in a Payment Plan (with voice instruction) Web    
Viewing and Downloading a 1098-T   PDF  
General Resources Web    
Finding Book Lists in MyUNLV   PDF  
Block Add a Schedule   PDF  
MyPlanner Guide   PDF  
Grant Access to Your Record   PDF  
Clearing your Browser Cache
Internet Explorer 8 Web PDF 11/29/2011
Mozilla Firefox Web PDF 11/29/2011
Safari Web PDF 11/29/2011
Setting Up Pop-Up Blockers
Internet Explorer 8 Web   9/1/2009
Mozilla Firefox Web   9/1/2009

Student Records Q & A

What if an instructor is not listed to add to a class section?

Refer to the Instructor Not Listed handout

How do I schedule an experimental course?

An X–Course form must be completed for every term of offering. Refer to the Faculty Senate Curriculum Website for the form and instructions. Once an X-Course is available to be scheduled, you will be notified.