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Questions from Everyone

I have been told to clear my cache, what does that mean?

Since MyUNLV is a web-based system, the process of storing your navigation history in your internet browser system can sometimes affect your experience in MyUNLV. View instructions on clearing your cache on the Tutorials page.

I forgot MyUNLV login and/or password. How can I get my login and password?

Enter your User ID to have a new password emailed to you. If you need additional assistance, contact the IT Help Desk at 702-895-0777.

Are there any requirements for password strength?

Passwords must meet these criteria:

  • Must be at least eight characters
  • Two of the characters must be numbers
  • Must mix together 3 out of the 4 possible character types (upper-case, lower-case, numbers, and symbols)
Does my password expire?

Yes, passwords expire annually.

Questions from Students

How do I get my login and password to MyUNLV?

New students will be emailed their login information during the application process. Current students will receive their login information through their Rebelmail accounts in two emails.

If I forward my Rebelmail to my regular account, will I still get my login and password to MyUNLV?

Yes, as long as the forwarding function has been set up in your Rebelmail account and as long as your regular account's spam filter is set to allow for messages from UNLV.

I have three numbers on my Rebelcard. What do the numbers mean? When do I use them?

If you have three numbers on your RebelCard , you started school at UNLV prior to the fall of 2010. In this case, the first number on your card, which starts with a 0, is your "L" Number. Until the fall of 2010, this was the primary ID number that was used on campus. If you started school at UNLV after fall of 2010, you will not have an "L" number on your card at all. The first number on your card, which starts with a 1, is your NSHE ID. This is now your primary identification number. The NSHE ID is every student's log on for the MyUNLV portal.

  • The last number, which starts with a 6, appears on all new RebelCards but is only used if you choose to enable the debit functionality of the new Wells Fargo RebelCard.
What are the benefits of the switch to MyUNLV?

MyUNLV gives you access to your information 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a web-based application. MyUNLV is easy to use and helps you take care of business more efficiently.

When can I register for classes?

The specific date you are allowed to register is based on your class standing. Log in to MyUNLV and click on the "Student Center" to view your enrollment date. You may register any time on or after that date.

If the new information system is going to be used by all NSHE institutions, does this mean that courses I took at other institutions will show up on my record? Will this eliminate the need for me to get transcripts?

The new system will allow for syncing of information between institutions and the electronic delivery of transcripts from one institution to another, but it is still a student-initiated decision to have a transcript sent from one institution to another. Most schools will require that you arrange to have all previous coursework sent to the most recent institution you are attending. MyUNLV will not replace each institution's transcript request process and associated costs.

How was this new system funded?

Funding for this project was made possible through the support of the students of NSHE, the Board of Regents, and the Nevada Legislature.

What security measures does the new system have to protect my personal information (SSN#, DOB, address, etc.)?

MyUNLV is a secure system. Your social security number is masked and all UNLV faculty or staff with access to your information are required by law to comply with your rights as a student.

How can I check the status of my financial aid?

Log in to MyUNLV, click on "Student Center," and look for the row that lists your financial aid information.

Questions from Faculty and Staff

Is there training for MyUNLV?

Yes! There are a variety of training options available to new and current users. Please visit the Training Information for details.

Does the new system have the capability to inform students of potential policy violations? (e.g., overload during summer, maximum credits for non-admitted students, etc.)

Yes, the messaging capabilities and basic functionality within the system are the same or better than what was available in SIS.

How can the costs of implementing a new system be justified when cuts are being made to state education, programs are being eliminated, state workers are being laid off, and state workers are taking pay cuts?

Funding for this project was made possible through the support of the students of NSHE, the Board of Regents, and the Nevada Legislature.

What happened to the "L" number? My department uses this number in our business practices.

The use of the "L" number has been phased out. Student identification numbers are now a 10 digit number called their NSHE ID.

I am a new staff member, how to I gain access to the MyUNLV system?

Access to the MyUNLV system is restricted to UNLV employees. Employees are granted access after they have completed a series of requirements.

  • All users must complete a FERPA tutorial.
  • Users must participate in designated training classes related the requested access. Courses are delivered by the MyUNLV training staff. For information regarding training, please refer to the Training Information.
  • User security must be approved by module business owners. Business owners have the right to decline security requests.

Please refer to the New User Access Information for details on submitting requests for security access. A supervisor's approval is required when submitting requests for access form.

A student has called my office and would like to change their address. Where do I direct them to make the change to their information?

Students can update and add a variety of demographic information on their Student Center. Direct the student to log into MyUNLV, click on Student Center and navigate to the Personal Information section to change their address.

I am trying to log in and I keep getting an invalid user ID and password message.

You may be mis-typing your NSHE ID and/or password. NSHE IDs are 10 digits long. If you need assistance with your NSHE ID, please submit a case in the Staff Support Center. Passwords are case sensitive. Make sure you do not have your caps lock on when typing your password. If you continue to have password problems, you can use the Forgot Password link to reset your password or contact the IT Help Desk at 895-0777

I navigated to a page and encountered an error saying I am not authorized to access the page, what can I do to obtain access to the page.

Your supervisor can request changes to your security. Requests can be submitted as a case the Staff Support Center. Please note, user security must be approved by module business owners. Business owners have the right to decline security requests.

I attended training and have been notified that my security is ready. When I log in, it appears I am missing security, have I been denied access?

You will be notified via email if you have been denied access to certain pages. If you are missing navigation, please submit a case the Staff Support Center with details of the missing navigation and we will troubleshoot for you!

I have navigated to a page and the system keeps processing, what can I do?

You may need to clear your cache. This will often clear up any issues you are having with the MyUNLV system. Refer to the Tutorials for help clearing your cache

I am a faculty member and need access to my class rosters and grading, how do I gain access to the MyUNLV Faculty Center?

Access to the MyUNLV Faculty Center is granted automatically based on teaching assignments and completion of the mandatory FERPA training. Faculty assigned to teach a course will be sent two access emails, one containing your NSHE ID (this is your user ID) and one containing your password. The access emails are sent within 24 hours of being added to a course as an instructor in MyUNLV. Your access emails will be from IThelp@unlv.edu and are sent to the email address we have on file with Human Resources. No training is required for faculty center access. If you have been assigned to a course and completed the mandatory FERPA training and are having problems logging in or cannot locate your access emails, you may contact the Help Desk for assistance.