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MyUNLV Administrative Security Access Request Form

The following form initiates the process for gaining administrative access to MyUNLV. All administrative users must complete the mandatory FERPA training, NSHE security form (to be returned to [email protected]) and in most cases, training. Once the following form is submitted and processed, a MyUNLV support team member will contact you via email regarding next steps to gaining access to the system.

* indicates a required field.

User Information

Supervisor/Sponsor Information

Security must be requested by a supervisor or sponsor.

Security Request

Please indicate the new or updated security you are requesting in MyUNLV.

**If you are requesting a copy of a current user’s security, please note the user's Name and NSHE ID below. Otherwise, indicate your administrative role or roles with the university and the MyUNLV Support team will follow up on instructions for next steps and training.

Administrative Role (check all that apply)

Additional Details


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