University Policy Committee

The University Policy Committee (UPC) is a standing committee authorized by the President’s Cabinet to review all university-wide policies that require the President’s signature. The UPC works in partnership with individuals from campus units who are developing university-wide policy to ensure that proposed policies are needed and are aligned with institutional mission, goals, and priorities. The committee reviews policy drafts to ensure that they are concise, consistent in format and scope, and accessible. The UPC also seeks campus input prior to recommending a policy to the President for signature.

This website is intended to serve as a resource for the development and review of proposed policies and does not contain a comprehensive compilation of all university policies. Many individual campus units have their own policies located on their respective websites; many of these sites can be found under Links to Other UNLV Policies.

Proposed Policies Available for Comment

Policies posted here are available for campus review and comment.

Resources for Developing Policy

Find resources that will assist in the policy development process, including a policy template and a preparation checklist.