60th Anniversary Graphics

The Purpose of the Official Stamp Design

The stamp was created as a graphic element that can be added to other materials such as brochures and web pages.

It has been provided to academic units, offices, and other entities to be used as an added graphic element, in conjunction with unit identities and other brand related elements. It is not to be cobranded with another logo or identity.

Guidelines for Use

The stamp is not intended to be used as a main stand-alone element to be designed around, or as the main element of any design.

The stamp has been designed and provided to enhance existing communications materials and is only intended as a small graphic element to be used in conjunction with Unit Signatures on current materials, or as a designator for 60th related events on web pages or other communications materials related to the 60th.

Any official 60th designs such as signage or other campus-wide event related material will be produced and governed by University Marketing & Communications. Some examples are shown in the next section.

Examples of Proper Use

Use the stamp to embellish your existing pieces, but do not use it as a main design element. Divisions such as Web Services or Print and Design Services can add it to your web pages or print jobs as the they produce materials for the different Units on campus.

Sample web page and brochures.


Campus Signage Request Form

Signage located on the UNLV campus for the 60th Anniversary Celebration is intended to enhance the perception of the University and generate a sense of pride and collaboration among faculty, staff, students and all relevant external constituents.

Email Signature Generator

Create your own email signature using the 60th Anniversary Graphic. Note: The 60th Anniversary Graphic option is selected by default.

PowerPoint Slide

To request a 60th Anniversary PowerPoint slide, contact Craig Granger at 702-895-0624 or Nikki Troxclair at 702-895-2388.


 alt="60th Stamp - Color Version"

Download vertical color graphic:


 alt="60th Stamp - Reversed"

Download reversed vertical graphic: