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Please utilize the following forms to complete your request for the 2016 Presidential Debate. Please note that each form is reviewed and approved by representatives from the UNLV Campus Engagement Committee. Each request may require advanced lead time. Providing complete and detailed information will help expedite the review process.

Programs and Activities Approval

UNLV faculty, staff and students have proposed debate-related activities and programs to enhance the classroom and hands-on experience related to the upcoming debates and election process. All events were reviewed by the UNLV Campus Engagement Committee following a registration process. Events listed on the 2016 Presidential Debate website were approved and followed our campus guidelines.

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Debate-Related Curriculum

UNLV faculty members had the opportunity to develop debate-related courses and curriculum during the 2016 election season. In addition to obtaining approval from the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee, all UNLV faculty were required to complete a form. Information provided will be used to support marketing and communications efforts focused on featuring the educational experience of UNLV students.

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Volunteer Interest

UNLV faculty, staff, and students have the opportunity to volunteer at lectures, seminars, forums, and other university events that will be part of the 2016 Presidential Debate Event Series.

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Marketing and Communications Ideas

We encourage the UNLV campus community to provide ideas and feedback regarding debate-related marketing and communications efforts.  Please use this form if you would like to submit non-event marketing and communications items. This includes but is not limited to: article content for the UNLV News Center, faculty expertise information, media outreach, and website and social media content.

Please allow for ample time when submitting the form as the review process may take 7 to 10 business days to complete.

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