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Power of Higher Ed

Do you believe in the power of higher education? Watch these stories and become a believer. Hear how higher education changes lives, improves our quality of life, and brings prosperity to Nevada.

Learn more about John Starkey
John Starkey"Going through the university, getting a bachelor’s degree, has made me feel like I am pretty indestructible."

Learn more about Pat Mulroy
Pat Mulroy "The ability to think is the greatest gift higher education can give someone."

Learn more about Beatriz Alcala
Beatriz Alcala"I want to have my own clinic. I want the building to say Beatriz Alcala Physical Therapy."

Learn more about Tony and Elaine Sanchez
Tony and Elaine Sanchez"I’m proud to be involved with UNLV through my company."
– Tony Sanchez

Learn more about Alex Gill
Alex Gill"I love spending time, giving back, and making a difference in someone’s day."

Learn more about Rick Darnold
Rick Darnold"UNLV was the obvious choice.  I wanted to get a quality education from the best university that I could."

Learn more about Karla Washington
Karla Washington "Education allows you to grow, it teaches you that there is something more and that you can participate in making things better."