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Academic Programs

Fields of Study

UNLV offers more than 100 fields of study. Some of our most popular majors for transferring students include nursing, business management, and hotel administration. If you are interested in these or other majors, visit the degrees directory.

Entrance GPA Requirements

The required GPA for admission to UNLV is 2.5; however, particular majors may require a higher GPA for entrance suitable for the field. A listing of the required GPA for each major is available in the admission application.

If you meet the university GPA admission requirement but not the GPA for your intended major, you are still admissible to UNLV and in most cases can enter into a "premajor" status for your intended major.

General Core Transferability

Although they are similarities between the general core class requirements, every major at UNLV has its own degree-specific requirements. To be sure you have completed the core classes you need for your major, refer to the undergraduate catalog for the course of study for each undergraduate degree.

Still have questions? Contact the Transfer Center to have your transcript reviewed.