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Advocacy and Resources

We have trained advocates to help victims, survivors, or those affected by sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking. We offer confidential and nonjudgmental on-campus advocacy to help you through the process of healing. This includes support, education, resources, and referrals. We help empower students and staff to make their own choices by providing options and support for their decisions.

  • Advocacy Support Response Team Against Violence (ASERTAV) – This coalition between campus and community agencies is dedicated to raising awareness about interpersonal violence throughout the UNLV community. A key goal of ASERTAV is providing training to faculty and staff on how to respond to student and peer disclosures of interpersonal violence.  ASERTAV strives to coordinate a collaborative response to student, staff, and faculty members of our community who may have been affected by violence.
  • CARE Advocates (formerly PAAVE) – This organization is committed to educating students about the violent culture we live in, which perpetuates relationship and sexual violence. Our mission is to grant access to knowledge, increase sensitivity, and change individual attitudes about sexual violence through our peer education program. To accomplish our mission, our program utilizes the latest developments in the anti-violence movement.
  • Campus Advocacy Resource and Empowerment (CARE) Line – The CARE Line is a 24-hour campus crisis hotline available to victims/survivors of interpersonal violence, as well as their family and friends. Trained volunteer advocates provide support, education, resources, and referrals to on and off campus entities involving crimes of sexual assault, domestic or dating violence, and stalking. CARE Line 702-895-0602.