Student Recreation and Wellness Center


The Rebel Wellness Zone offers internships for students in the areas of health education/promotion, kinesiology, marketing and related fields.

Rebel Wellness Zone internship experiences may include hands-on experience conducting and assessing wellness, recreation and sports programming; leadership and peer education training; research projects; and developing materials for educational campaigns or trainings. Specific projects are available to students interested in a certain topic and/or discipline (i.e. Biostatistics). Open to undergraduate and graduate students in related disciplines in Public Health, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Nursing, or related major with experience.

Marketing internships are available for undergraduate and graduate students in Graphic Design, Communications, Business or related major with experience. Students will have opportunity to gain practical experience in the following areas: research, marketing, promotion and conduction of wellness, recreation and sports programs/events; social marketing/social media; print and digital flyer design; social norming campaigns; and professional career development.

To Apply:

  1. Review the job description and talk with your department/advisor to get your internship requirements and interest in applying.
  2. Complete the application.
  3. Update your resume and create a cover letter.
  4. Email application materials to the contact listed on the application.

Applications will be screened and candidates will be contacted for interviews.


For priority review, submit your application by these deadlines. Applications may be accepted after these deadlines dependent on need and academic internship requirements.

  • Fall — April 15
  • Spring — November 15
  • Summer — March 15*

*Dependent on need and internship requirements