Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Team Sports

Get your team together for great competition! Attendance and participation in these events vary. They may be offered more than once per academic year if interest and participation is high. They are often scheduled over a period of weeks with leagues set up in round robin format with a knockout tournament at the conclusion.

The recreational and competitive events offered by the Intramurals Sports program are available to students, staff and faculty at UNLV. Not all events/sports are the same, and not all events are for every person. Review our policies and learn more about each sport below. Not all sports are offered every semester/year.


Each sport is separated into at least one of three league types: Men’s (M), Women’s (W), or Co-Rec (CR).

To Register

All league offerings will have a mandatory Captain's Meeting. This meeting will be held in a 1st floor classroom in the SRWC and is required in addition to the registration process on IMLeagues. Any teams not represented at the Captain's Meeting by a team member will not be included on the schedule unless prior accommodations have been made.

Steps to register:

Important: Everyone must be registered on IM Leagues in order to participate!

  1. Complete the registration form.
  2. Take the completed form to the SRWC 1st Floor membership desk to pay. **Make sure a captain is designated! The Captain is responsible for paying for the team.
  3. Go to the IM Leagues website to register your team.
  4. Log-in using your current account or make a new account (accounts are free!).
  5. Use the code from the receipt to register your team and invite members.
Sport/Event Rules Registration Form Video Link
3v3 Volleyball  
5v5 Basketball
Bag Toss Tournament
Dodgeball Tournament    
Flag Football
Floor Hockey  
Indoor Soccer
Inner Tube Water Polo
Lawn Game Olympics    
Volleyball Tournament