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The UNLV Intramural Sports Program provides UNLV students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to participate in a variety of organized, competitive activities throughout each academic year. Activities are organized on both a team and individual basis with opportunities to compete against likeminded teams/participants within specialty conferences (Ex. Men’s Residence Hall or Women’s Greek Conferences).

Important: For all Intramural Sports events, the program assumes absolutely no responsibility for injuries related to participation. It is the individual’s responsibility to ascertain whether their health may be adversely affected by participating in any physical activity. All participants are recommended to obtain personal health insurance. Student Health Insurance is available for purchase at UNLV.

IM Calendar

Each sport is separated in to at least one of four league types: Men’s (M), Women’s (W), Co-Rec (CR), or Equal Opportunity (EO). If a sport has an Equal Opportunity league, there will be only one Co-Rec league without any roster stipulations or rule modifications.

Most Orientation Meetings for the 2013–14 year will be handled online during the League Registration process on IMLeagues. When specified, a member of the registered team (or the competing individual) must attend the Sports Orientation Meetings (S.O.M.) on the posted date. Failure to attend will result in a penalty for that team/individual (i.e. Rebel Cup Points, initial ranking, schedule selection, etc.).

View the Intramural Sports Calendar & Registration Information.

Individual Sports

Challenge and compete against peers in events such as racquetball, Kan-Jam and badminton. Events are held both fall and spring semesters. Learn more about individual sports.

Team Sports

5-on-5 basketball, volleyball, inner tube water polo, floor hockey, softball and soccer are some of the team sports you can compete in. Events are held both fall and spring semesters. Learn more about team sports.

If you want to participate, but don’t have a team, become a free agent! Each sport/event hosted by UNLV Intramural Sports will have a Free Agent Meeting to help those interested participants find a team or form a team from other interested participants.

Special Events

Special intramurals and recreation events are held on and off campus, some competing with other schools locally or regionally. Oozeball, NCCS Flag Football, Desert Cup and Summer Golf are some favorites.

Rebel Cup & Team of the Year

Rebel Cup is the year-long competition in the Open and Greek sub-leagues. Organizations earn points and are included in the Team of the Year competition, crowning the most successful organization in each league (mens, women’s, co-rec). View standings and learn more.

How to Register

Important: Everyone must be registered on IM Leagues in order to participate!

  1. Complete the registration form.
  2. Take the completed form to the SRWC 1st Floor membership desk to pay. **Make sure a captain is designated! The Captain is responsible for paying for the team.
  3. Go to the IM Leagues website to register your team.
  4. Log-in using your current account or make a new account (accounts are free!).
  5. Use the code from the receipt to register your team and invite members.


View the 2013-2014 Intramural Sports Policies.