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HYPER: Helping Young People Experience Recovery at UNLV

We are a group of UNLV students who are in long-term recovery from addictive disorders, students who are clean and sober or students who have been impacted by addiction during their lifetime. Our members come from all different backgrounds, but we share the common goal of recovery, education, resiliency and service. Our activities include support groups (12-step meetings, recovery process groups), substance-free events and education on addiction recovery in college.


Helping Young People Experience Recovery at UNLV is designed to create a supportive environment where students in recovery from addictive disorders can continue long-term recovery, interact socially, excel academically, be of maximum service to the UNLV, and the local, state, and national community.

Regular Peer-Support Meetings

  • 12-Step Meeting
    A face-to-face recovery meeting using a 12-Step format. We read and discuss 12-step literature and allow time for member sharing. Feel free to bring your lunch!
  • Meeting Guidelines & Flow

Spring 2014 Meeting Schedule

  • Wednesdays, 11:45 a.m.–12:45 p.m., SRWC 1010 or 1020 (room subject to change)

How to Join the Student Organization

  • Login to MyUNLV
  • Click on "UNLV Involvement Center" on the bottom left
  • Click on "Organizations"
  • Locate HYPER and add yourself!

Contact Us


Have any questions/concerns about recovery or how to join our group? Call/Text 702-280-6093