Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Practicum Training

Number of Positions Available: Varies from 3-5

Clinical training and supervision is offered for graduate students in clinical psychology, counseling, marriage and family, and social work.

Minimum Requirements

All applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Completed graduate-level coursework (700-level) in:
    • Theories of counseling/psychotherapy.
    • Basic counseling techniques, methods, or skills that are empirically supported.
    • Ethics and professional practice (either as a graduate course or as a discrete unit in a professional issues course).
    • Diagnosis using the DSM-IV-TR.
  • Clinical Training
    • A minimum of one academic year (Fall & Spring) of graduate-level, supervised clinical experience in individual counseling.
    • Prior supervised volunteer work at a clinical mental health facility may be considered in fulfilling the clinical requirement.
    • For graduate assistant positions a minimum of two years of graduate-level, supervised clinical experience in counseling is required.

Note: Students who are former clients at CAPS must wait 6 months or one full academic semester after termination of therapy before applying for practicum.

Application Materials

Applicants for the Practicum Trainee position need to complete and submit the following to CAPS:

  • The CAPS Practicum application form (which can be obtained at the CAPS office in the Recreation and Wellness Center).
  • A current resume/curriculum vita.
  • A copy of current transcripts.
  • A cover letter explaining how a practicum at CAPS would fit with your short- and long-term professional goals.
  • Two letters of recommendation: Preferably one from a current/previous site supervisor and another from a faculty member in your academic department who can address your qualifications and clinical skills.

Applicants for the GA positions must complete and submit the above materials.