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Involvement Center Powered By Orgsync

The Involvement Center is an online community service management platform that also manages student organizations and activities. The Involvement Center has functions specifically for students, faculty, and community partners.

Students can:

  • Browse a list of service activities for students, student organizations, and UNLV courses.
  • Sign up for service activities.
  • Complete required liability waiver and learning agreement forms.
  • Submit time sheets for course instructors or student organizations.
  • Access community organizations to verify student time sheets and complete evaluations.

Faculty can:

  • Create a course page for all enrolled students to join.
  • Select the community partner and service projects students may sign up for to meet course requirements.
  • Have community partners and students complete required forms.
  • Verify student volunteer hours.

Community partners can:

  • Create an organization page and post service projects for students and faculty to view.
  • Complete required forms.
  • Verify student volunteer hours.