Weeklong Trips

Spring Break (Mar. 16-22): Desert Conservation and Restoration

Desert Wildlife National Refuge, NV
The desert can get a harsh reputation with extreme temperatures and limited water, but it still needs protection and restoration. We will partner with the US Department of Fish and Wildlife and spend the week camping under the stars, working on trails, and re-vegetating areas in need of native plants. To wrap up the week, the group will get to hike to Hidden Forest Cabin or another great spot off the beaten path. We’ll help provide camping gear—you just need a willing spirit!

  • COST=$60

Spring Break (Mar. 16-22): Food Systems & Ecology

North of Los Angeles (Santa Paula), CA
This week will give participants the chance to learn about the various impacts of different agricultural systems on humans and the ecosystem. We will spend some time working on an organic farm, in an urban community garden, and learning about farm workers’ rights. We will also visit and work at a local university’s community garden and their initiatives with beekeeping and our insect and worm friends. Enjoy produce from the farm and connecting to your food—we encourage participants to be open to different eating habits this week, including a delicious and satisfying vegan meal, and trying to eat vegetarian and local for the week!

  • COST= $150

Spring Break (Mar. 16-22): Immigration

San Diego, CA
Explore the complex issues of immigration, access and education. We will work with local partners doing social justice work to explore this complex topic at this border city. Whether touring the border, learning from advocacy groups, or serving at a local juvenile detention center, this trip will be an interesting and powerful experience. We will take some time at the end to recharge for a bit and take in some of San Diego's iconic coastal attractions.

  • COST= $150

Spring Break (Mar. 27-31): Catalina Island

Catalina Island, CA
Work with the Catalina Island Conservancy to serve on the interior of the island. Just 36 miles off the coast of LA, this island has unique habitat that needs work to help maintain and restore its important island ecology. Remove invasive plants, repair buffalo fences, clean the beach or maintain trails—we could be doing any number of things this week. At the end, the group may hike and enjoy the beach on this great island.

  • COST= $200
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