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Weekend Trips

Jan. 31-Feb. 2: Conservation and Restoration

Grand Canyon, AZ
Our National Park Services host millions of visitors annually while protecting our natural wonders. Work with this federal agency to repair and construct facilities and fencing. Due to the cold temperatures, we will be staying indoors at simple work cabins. On Sunday morning, we will enjoy the park’s beauty and vistas before heading back to Las Vegas.

Trip Cost: $50

Feb. 14-17: Urban Poverty and Homelessness

Los Angeles, CA
Spend a weekend in Los Angeles exploring the complexity of poverty while working with various nonprofit organizations. Have fun taking in the diversity and beauty of the city while serving marginalized communities.

Trip Cost: $50

Apr. 25-27: Organic and Local Farming

Spend the weekend staying at and working on an organic farm. Learn about some of the challenges faced by local, small organic farms. Explore some of the benefits of eating locally, and work the land.

Trip Cost: $50