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Limited Submission Proposals

Some sponsors issue program announcements for projects of limited submission, meaning an institution may submit only a regulated number of proposals. The benefit of a limited competition is an increased opportunity for success, but the timing of the announcement can have an impact on UNLV's ability to effectively compete for the awards. The Office of Sponsored Programs seeks to provide more methodical procedures for the submission of proposals for these types of awards.

OSP-Initiated Calls for Submissions

When OSP learns of a limited submission, either by being acquainted with the regular cycles of some federal proposals or through notification by a faculty member, OSP will send an announcement to chairs and deans of relevant departments so they can share the opportunity with their faculty. A deadline will be set for PIs to inform OSP of their interest.

If interest exceeds the maximum number of proposals permitted, OSP will coordinate a preproposal submission process and develop criteria for the contents of the preproposal.

The Office of the Associate VP for Research will establish a review committee to recommend which proposals best meet the sponsor's criteria for funding and which ones best align with the mission of the department and the University. PIs will be notified of the committee's decisions in ample time to meet the sponsor's deadlines.

Faculty-Initiated Submissions

If a faculty member notifies OSP of his/her intention to submit a proposal to a funding program which limits the number of submissions from an institution, a slightly different process may be used. If there are fewer than 15 working days until the agency deadline, the proposals will be submitted on a first-come, first-served basis. If any proposals come in after UNLV has reached its maximum number of submissions, those proposals will not be submitted.

The Process

  • An email is sent to UNLV chairs, deans and faculty announcing the upcoming program.
  • This email announcement will include an RSVP date to help OSP ascertain interest and to determine the need to establish a review committee.
  • If a review committee is necessary, a second email containing preproposal application instructions will be sent to those who have responded to the initial announcement.
  • Selection will be based on the reviewers' comments in accordance with the sponsor's review criteria.
  • All principal investigators will be notified of the committee's recommendation within a reasonable timeframe to prepare the full proposal.


The Grants Resource Center at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, of which UNLV is a member, maintains a list of current limited submission proposals. The GRC website may be accessed from UNLV computers. Look under Current Publications for “Bulletin” and then search document for “limited submissions” to review federal and non-federal announcements. The National Science Foundation maintains a list of limited submission programs.