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College/Department Assignments

College or Unit
Pre-Award Services

Pre-award services include funding opportunities searches, sponsor guideline review, proposal budget development, proposal submission, award negotiation, subaward development and negotiation, no-cost extensions, grant transfers, and changes in scope.

Post-Award Services

Post-award services include account set-up, financial monitoring of accounts, review/approval of grant-related transactions, invoicing, reporting, managing the effort reports, coordinate/oversee various audits, accounts receivable follow-up, revise budgets, grant deposits/JV's, and account close out

Business Monica Bolden Mashawn Sandifer
Division of Educational Outreach Michele Padilla Ruth Lopez
Division of Health Sciences Jeanette Bernard–Snyder Ruth Lopez
Education Monica Bolden Quentin Murrel
Engineering Richard Easter Mashawn Sandifer
Fine Arts Monica Bolden Quentin Murrel
Graduate College Hallie Lyons Ruth Lopez
Honors College Michele Padilla TDB - Call Main Line
Hotel Administration Monica Bolden Mashawn Sandifer
Law Monica Bolden TDB - Call Main Line
Liberal Arts Michele Padilla Ruth Lopez
Libraries Monica Bolden Mashawn Sandifer
Office of the President Michele Padilla Mashawn Sandifer
Public Lands Institute Michele Padilla Ruth Lopez
Sciences Hallie Lyons TDB - Call Main Line
School of Medicine Jeanette Bernard-Snyder Ruth Lopez
Urban Affairs Monica Bolden Ruth Lopez
Vice Provost Academic Affairs Hallie Lyons Quentin Murrel
Vice Provost Information Technology Michele Padilla Quentin Murrel
VP Diversity Hallie Lyons Ruth Lopez
VP Finance Michele Padilla Quentin Murrel
VP Research & Economic Development Hallie Lyons Ruth Lopez
VP Student Affairs Monica Bolden Quentin Murrel
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