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Limited Submission Policy

In limited submission programs, the sponsor restricts the number of applications or proposals the university can submit to the agency. The guidelines for these programs require institutions to prescreen proposals or nominations to determine which applications will be submitted for competition. Generally, institutions are allowed to submit one or two proposals or nominations to the sponsor, but other restrictions are possible.

Prior to preparing a proposal, the faculty member should always review the instructions from the agency for any limitations on proposals from an institution. It is the primary responsibility of the faculty member to check with the Office of Sponsored Programs if such restrictions exist. When multiple PIs are interested in responding to the solicitation, a committee will be formed by the associate vice president for research to review pre-proposals and determine the proposals with the highest likelihood for success and/or aligning with the university’s strategic plan. The Office of Sponsored Programs will coordinate this process by disseminating the RFP and soliciting responses from those who are interested to determine if more than the maximum researchers are interested. The technical review committee will determine the proposal(s) the university will support for submission.

In order for UNLV faculty and researchers to effectively capitalize on limited submission opportunities, it is imperative that all applications selected to go forward by our internal committee result in timely proposal submission. Researchers should be sure that they will have the time and necessary resources to develop a proposal and meet all limited submission requirements. Failure to submit a proposal after being selected via the internal competitive review process may result in a loss in eligibility for future limited submission opportunities. Therefore, please be sure that you will have the time and necessary resources to develop a proposal and meet all limited submission requirements.

The Process

  • An email is sent to UNLV chairs, deans, and faculty who identified the limited proposal opportunity announcing the upcoming program.
  • The email announcement will include an RSVP date to help OSP ascertain interest and to determine the need to establish a review committee.
  • If an internal review is necessary, a second email containing pre-proposal application instructions will be sent to those who have responded to the initial announcement and the associate VP for research will establish a review committee.
  • Selection will be based on the reviewers' pre-proposal application and its response to the sponsor's review criteria.
  • All principal investigators will be notified of the committee's recommendation within a reasonable timeframe to prepare the full proposal.


The Grants Resource Center at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities maintains a list of current limited submission proposals. The GRC website may be accessed from UNLV computers online. Look under Current Publications for "Bulletin" and then search document for "limited submissions to review federal and nonfederal announcements.

The National Science Foundation maintains a list of limited submission programs, which can be accessed online.