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Conflict of Interest

UNLV encourages and supports community and outside interactions of its faculty, staff, and student employees. A byproduct of these interactions is often the development of useful products, processes, services, and publications that contribute to the betterment of a variety of organizations, both public and private. Such interactions, which may involve compensated outside service, 1) contribute to the professional development of the individuals involved, 2) enhance the reputation of their institutions, 3) provide additional educational opportunities for students who may be involved, and 4) promote the general education and welfare of the public at large. As these outside interactions increase, however, there is an increased potential for actual or perceived conflicts of interest.

UNLV is concerned about conflicts of interest and compensated outside services because they can cause the public’s confidence in the integrity of research activities and the institution to be questioned. While it is appropriate for university employees to be rewarded for their participation in outside activities, they also have a fundamental obligation to act in the best interest of the university. Outside activities or outside financial interests must not interfere with this obligation. The central purpose of the COI/COS policy is to enable university employees to recognize and disclose compensated outside services and situations that may be conflicts of interest. Potential conflicts of interest and compensated outside services must be properly reviewed and, if necessary, managed, supervised, and/or monitored.

Potential conflicts of interest or compensated outside services that are properly disclosed can be adequately managed without detriment to the reputation, integrity, or position of the institution and the individual. Therefore, a key part of UNLV’s COI/COS policy is a disclosure mechanism that allows university employees to regularly report any potential conflicts of interest or compensated outside services for review and approval.

The following information has been provided to clarify UNLV’s conflict of interest/compensated outside services policy. Portions of federal requirements, NSHE Code, and Nevada Revised Statutes have been excerpted for your convenience. In all cases, the full and current text of the federal requirements, NSHE Code, and NRS supersede any information provided on this website.

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