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Registration Information

Selecting Classes

New students are required and continuing students are highly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor in the advising center or department of their declared major in order to plan classes for the upcoming semester. Visit the advising site for more information. If you are undeclared and want to explore your options regarding a major, contact the Academic Success Center to see an academic advisor, 702-895-3177. Graduate students should check with their departmental advisors for approved graduate classes. Dental and Law students must see their respective professional schools.

General Education Core Requirements

Check the appropriate catalog and see your advisor before registering for classes that satisfy core requirements. This is especially important because different majors may require different courses to fulfill these requirements. Core requirements are listed in the undergraduate catalog, and an updated list of courses satisfying First Year Seminar requirement and the multicultural/international requirement can be found on the Faculty Senate site.


Prerequisite verifications can be obtained by contacting the department offering the course.

Full Class Sections

Students must obtain permission from the department the class section falls under. Once a department has granted a student permission to add a course, then the student may add the course through the MyUNLV self service student center. Students are not allowed to attend a class that they are not registered in without authorization.

Room Listed as TBA

This either signifies that a course is online or stands for "room and building to be announced." Contact the department offering the course or the Office of the Registrar at 702-895-3443 for assistance.

Online Classes

Online (distance education) courses are those that can be searched by entering "web-based" as the mode of instruction. Once registered for a distance education course, visit the WebCampus site. (Please note: There is a 24-hour delay from the time you register until the class appears on WebCampus and classes will not appear in WebCampus until two–four weeks from the start of the semester.) Your WebCampus username is the same as your Rebelmail email prefix (e.g., if your Rebelmail account is "", the prefix is "jdoe"). To obtain your prefix, log into online registration and click on the "Update Address" button. Your Rebelmail email address will be displayed. Additional information about distance education courses is available on the Distance Education's site. International students (F-1 visa) may only take 3 credits of online courses as part of their full-time enrollment total, contact the Office of International Students & Scholars for more information.


You will not be able to register until the hold has been released. There are a variety of holds that can restrict your registration (e.g., financial, library, parking, administrative). The information you receive in the Student Center in MyUNLV should include a phone number that you can call to take care of that particular hold. You can also call the Office of the Registrar at 702-895-3443 for assistance.

Auditing Classes

Bring a photo ID to the Office of the Registrar located in SSC-C Building. Refer to the academic calendar for applicable deadlines.


You should expect to see your grades within two business weeks after the end of the semester although the exact date is dependent upon when your Instructor submits all of the grades for you/your fellow class members. Go to the Student Center "Other Academic" tab and click on "Grades."

Student Addresses and Phone Numbers

It is your responsibility to keep the university informed of your contact information so that appropriate correspondence can be mailed to you. You can update this information through your Student Center in MyUNLV.

Class Attendance Policy

Registration in a course obligates the student to be regular and punctual in class attendance. Students who without previous arrangement with the instructor or department fail to attend the first two class meetings of a course that meets multiple times per week or the first meeting of a class that meets one time per week may be dropped from the course. Nonattendance for a web-based course shall be defined as failure to log onto WebCampus or other instructor designed website within one week of course start date without previous arrangements with the instructor or department. A student may be dropped for nonattendance only during the regular drop/add period of the term. Nonattendance does not release students from the responsibility to officially drop any course for which they have enrolled and choose not to complete.