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Solicitation Results

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Solicitation Number Opening Date Project Name Awarded To (Vendor) Award Date
635-DC 03/31/15 For Planning, Programming, Architectural, Engineering, Design and Consulting Services for a New UNLV College of Engineering Facility and for Existing College of Engineering Facilities




643-DC 05/26/15 Planning, Programming, Architectural, Engineering, Design and Consulting Services for a New UNLV Lee Business School Facility and for Existing College of Business Facilities

Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto



662-BC 01/04/2016 Construction Manager at Risk for the School of Medicine (SOM) Tenant Improvement at Shadow Lane

Pre Construction Services Contract Awarded to Core Construction Services

661-KO 1/14/2016 Consultant to provide athletics competitiveness and benchmarking study for the University of
Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Pending Award

Proposals Received

659-BC 1/7/2016 Upgrade and Operation of Existing Billboards

Pending Award

Proposals Received

663-BC 2/2/2016 Workday Human Capital Management and Workday Financial Capital Management Implementation Consultants

Pending Award

Proposals Received

660-BC 02/04/2016 UNLV 1098-T Processing and Call Center Support

Pending Award

Proposals Received

5212-BC 03/03/2016 UNLV UCC Dormitory Complex Hughes and Faiman Halls HVAC and Roofing Replacemen

Rafael Construction

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5211-BC 03/04/2016 Robotics Lab Tenant Improvements

Mountain Vista Development

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665-BC 03/09/2016 UNLV Campus Fiber Optical Network Infrastructure Planning and Design

Pending Award

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5216-BC 03/10/2016 Tonopah North Residence Hall Window, Carpet and Painting Upgrades

Pending Award

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5213-FG 02/09/2016 JBT-HCH Complex Retrofit/Rebuild Air Handlers

Pending Award

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667-BC 3/21/2016 School of Medicine Healthcare Professional Search Consultant

Merritt Hawkins



5224-FG 3/25/2016 UNLV Facilities Management Utility Cart Purchase

Inland Hobbs Material Handling



5222-FG 3/28/2016 Student Services Complex - Building A (SSC-A) Re-Roof Maintenance Project

Western Single Ply



5223-FG 3/29/2016 Flamingo Auxiliary Building 1 (FAB1) Re-roof Maintenance Project

Eberhand Southwest Roofing

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654-LN 03/29/2016 Library Services Platform and Discovery System

Pending Award

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5221-KO 04/06/2016 Cisco Equipment and Support

MSN Communications



5214-KO 03/30/2016 Hewlett Packard Equipment and Services

Summit Partners LLC



5215-KO 04/13/2016 Network Equipment, Hardware, Cables, & Support

Lot I: Summit Partners

Lot II: Graybar

Lot III: John B Rudy

Lot IV: Crescent Electric Supply

Lot V: Graybar

Lot VI: Crescent Electric Supply



Lot I: $198,282.40

Lot II: $379,120.00

Lot III: $47,471.15

Lot IV: $10,450.50

Lot V: $105,755.23

Lot VI: $258,959.95

666-CP 04/12/2016 EMBA International Trip: Warsaw, Poland, Prague, and Czech Republic

Lakeland Tours, LLC



5226-FG 04/19/2016 Maintenance Caulking Project for Student Services Complex A (SSC-A) Pending Award  
5229-CP 04/21/2016 Veeam Availability Suite Enterprise Plus

En Pointe Technologies

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5228-CP 04/21/2016 UNLV Student Recreation Treadmills


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668-KJ 04/22/2016 Time Clock for Workday Pending Award  
5230-BC 04/26/2016 UNLV Lied Library Tenant Improvements

Pending Award

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