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MUNIS Dashboard

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MUNIS Dashboard is a web-based tool which allows users to launch all MUNIS Programs and other web-based applications from a single work area. As a result of the system’s upgrade in November 2010, MUNIS Dashboard has replaced the local MUNIS client.

MUNIS Dashboard, a web client, is built on top of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and it is customizable by using portlets, called web parts. The web parts can be added to MUNIS Dashboard by any MUNIS user as long as the access has been granted by the system administrator. An example of the web part is My Favorites, which allows for quick access to MUNIS Menu Programs as well as any websites.

MUNIS Dashboard is accessible through a web browser, such as Windows Internet Explorer 32-bit, and does not require a separate software application installation.


  • Due to security requirements MUNIS Dashboard is only accessible within UNLV network.
  • User needs full permission rights to the computer to allow for Microsoft Silverlight and ActiveX Control installation.

MUNIS Dashboard Login

If your computer is not a part of UNLVAD Domain, you will have to add “unlvad\” before your username while logging to MUNIS Dashboard. For example, if your username is “smithl” and your password is “unlv2011”, you would login as follows:

Username: unlvad\smithl
Password: unlv2011


  • Password is case sensitive.
  • If you forgot your password, please contact OIT Help Desk at 895-0777 for assistance with password reset.
  • Please refer to MUNIS Dashboard 5.2 User Guide for full instructions on first time login to MUNIS Dashboard.