Purchasing and Contracts

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Agreement Information

General Information

Supplier Name: Federal Express Corporation
Contract No.: 5709
Commodity: Delivery Services – Small Packages
Category: General Services
Type: Campus Wide
Status: Active
Expiration Date: 8/27/2015
Solicitation No.: DR11031
Originating Entity: WSCA
MUNIS Supplier No.: 4416
Note: Pricing

Supplier Information

Federal Express Corporation
Address: 10585 Heater Court
San Diego, CA 92121-0002
Phone: 858-450-9869
Fax: 901-224-2471
Contact: Elaine Heath
Email: elaine.heath@fedex.com
Web: www.fedex.com

Purchasing Contact

Contact Name: Brandy Candelaria
Position: Contracts Administrator
Department: Purchasing & Contracts
Phone: 702-895-0969
Fax: 702-895-3859
Email: brandy.candelaria@unlv.edu

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