Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

Calendar of Events

  • Jan. 20
    The Art and Science of Teaching Online Professional Development Course Faculty and instructors are invited to participate in our pilot program starting Sept. 2. For more information about this course please contact the...
  • Feb. 3
    The webinar offers tools for all instructors to collect data on student progress to better shape the learning experience for student retention and completion in the online environment.
  • Feb. 26
    Learn what you can do for your students with disabilities. Online Education and the Disability Resource Center partner to provide tips and information in this Webinar presentation.
  • Apr. 2
    The importance of the Retention, Progression, Completion program at UNLV is critical to student success. Learn how you can help your students on their road to academic completion with you online class. This webinar will...
  • Apr. 28
    In this webinar we share some tips and best practices from Online Education instructors. Discover what you can do to make the online classroom successful for your students.