Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

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Office of Faculty, Policy, and Research

The Office of Faculty, Policy, and Research is the area of senior academic leadership focused on enhancing the University through support of its faculty. It is charged by the Executive Vice President and Provost to encourage an academic culture of faculty engagement and achievement, to foster transparent and effective academic governance, and to facilitate academic research that serves the Las Vegas community and the state of Nevada as central to UNLV’s mission. The office also facilitates Provost communications to the faculty and Provost consultation of the faculty, and its staff advocates for the UNLV academic mission on and off campus. Finally, the office supports efforts of the President, Provost and Deans to provide UNLV with sound, data-driven academic strategic planning, through policy-making, research and analysis.

The Faculty Mentoring Program and the Office of Decision Support both operate autonomously within this office.

Our efforts are divided into three areas, faculty affairs; policy; and research.

Faculty Affairs

In Faculty Affairs, the office is responsible for enhancing faculty effectiveness across campus, promoting rigor and consistency in academic personnel decisions, and fostering faculty professional development to promote success in teaching, research, and scholarship. Our mission is to enhance academic careers at UNLV by integrating a range of services and functions including new faculty orientation and on-boarding, faculty mentoring, professional development and recognition (including travel funding, leaves and teaching awards), annual performance evaluations, promotion and tenure reviews, and conflict of interest/ outside activity disclosure and compliance.

To foster institutional change, we will be developing and implementing programs for the training of chairs, cultivation of new academic leadership (especially among women and minorities); effective tracking and reporting of faculty scholarly, creative and clinical accomplishments; and finally but no less significantly fostering faculty full participation in the civic life and shared governance of UNLV.

Academic Policy

In the area of Academic Policy, the office is responsible to bring greater coordination to policies across our academic units and align our policies more closely with NSHE and state mandates. Our mission is to align and clarify the various policy-making processes on campus and to support the creation of academic policies that support transparent and effective governance. Further, we implement and support procedures that foster a campus climate of full participation and civic engagement. This includes supporting the work of the Faculty Senate, the various instances of faculty governance in the colleges and units, the University Policy Committee, Provost policy directives (in consultation with the Deans’ Council), and in support of the office of Academic Affairs in the making of academic policy through the UNLV Academic catalog.

Academic Research

In the area of Academic Research the office coordinates with the Division of Research to support faculty scholarly productivity and facilitate opportunities for sponsored research and external contracts, as well as developing internal standards for the evaluation of scholarly, creative and clinical achievement. The offfice also works with the Research Compliance office to facilitate UNLV faculty Conflict of Interest and Outside Academic Affiliation disclosure and compliance. The UNLV Collaborative Research and Education (CoRE) initiative is coordinated through the office. CoRE provides opportunities for members of the UNLV campus to meet together and with other community stakeholders to discuss scholarly topics of mutual interest. Through scholarly engagement, CoRE aims to be a catalyst for collaborative research and education. CoRE coordinates, communicates and facilitates scholarly engagement.

  • Annual Evaluation
  • Promotion and Tenure
  • New Faculty Orientation
  • Faculty Mentoring
  • Faculty Awards and Academic Recognition
  • Faculty Development
  • Travel Funding
  • Sabbaticals and Leaves
  • Conflict of Interest/ Outside Academic Affiliation
  • Shared Governance / Bylaws and Policies
  • University Policy Committee
  • Chairs Training
  • Women and Minority Leadership Development
  • Collaborative Research and Education (CORE) initiative