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Academic Faculty Mentoring Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the Academic Faculty Mentoring Program (AFMP) is to provide support and information with the aim of facilitating the professional success and satisfaction of teaching faculty. The program coordinates the matching of junior faculty with mentors outside of their department, and offers mentoring training to individuals and groups on special topics. It also provides a clearinghouse for professional development materials and information, as well as networking and peer-interaction opportunities. The program is intended to enhance the recruitment and retention of faculty, to promote interdisciplinarity, to build campus community, and to promote the values of trust, respect, collegiality, diversity, and inclusion in the academic climate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The Program

The philosophy of the AFMP is that the maximization of sources of professional guidance and social support will benefit the progress and well-being of teaching faculty. Its aim is thus to complement departmental mentoring efforts with extra-department mentors, resources, and training.

There are five components to the AFMP:

  1. TWO-TIERED MENTORING: The AFMP adds another mentor to the equation by matching junior faculty to a mentor outside of her or his department. These extra-departmental matches will increase opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations and the building of a broader net of professional and social relationships.

  2. INFORMATION CLEARING-HOUSE: The AFMP will provide a clearinghouse for information, materials, and resources online so that junior faculty can access important information independently.

  3. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMING: The AFMP will partner with the Coordinator of Instructional Support in the Provost's office and with the Division of Research to offer relevant professional programming (research networking, seminars, training).

  4. PEER MENTORING/NETWORKING PROGRAMMING: The AFMP will engage in active peer mentoring and networking opportunities.

  5. SPECIAL TOPICS TRAINING: The AFMP will offer training on special mentoring topics to mentors, chairs, and departments.

The ongoing design of the program is drawn from the mentoring best practices literature, as well as faculty input. The program will be managed by a Director of Academic Faculty Mentoring who works out of the Office of Faculty, Policy and Research. An Academic Faculty Mentoring Program Advisory Committee consisting of faculty from all colleges will also be constituted to advise on programming.

If you have any input, ideas, or would like more information please contact Rainier Spencer,