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Faculty Resources

Promotion & Tenure

The major objectives of promotion and tenure are to provide a faculty committed to excellence and to provide a substantial degree of security to those persons who have exhibited excellent abilities, sufficient to convince the University of Nevada, Las Vegas community that their expected services and performances in the future justify the privileges afforded by promotion and tenure.

Teaching Support

As a coordinated whole, UNLV's instructional development and research services promote UNLV students' academic success by advancing research-based teaching and learning practices across the campus and online. The services described here support the professional development of all members of the UNLV teaching community through a program of research, consultation, events and resources.

Research Support

In the area of Academic Research the office coordinates with the Division of Research to support faculty scholarly productivity and facilitate opportunities for sponsored research and external contracts, as well as developing internal standards for the evaluation of scholarly, creative and clinical achievement.

Faculty Activity Tracking (Digital Measures)

Digital Measures is a tool for academic faculty to track in- and out-of-classroom instructional; research; creative; clinical and service activities.

Faculty Travel Funding (University Faculty Travel Committee)

The University Faculty Travel Committee (UFTC) is appointed by the Executive Vice President & Provost (EVP & P) and is charged with recommending the distribution of funds to support faculty travel and development. The EVP & P supplies $80,000 each academic year and has final authority in the allocation of funds.

Awards & Recognition

UNLV and the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents recognize the achievements of faculty in teaching, research/creative activity, and service with a number of awards each year; as well as those achievements of undergraduate and graduate advisors and undergraduate and graduate scholars.

Policies and Forms

Access an alphabetical list of policies and forms.

Helpful Links

There is an extraordinary amount of information on the UNLV website and we recognize that faculty often face difficulty finding information. This page was designed with faculty in mind to provide links to information that faculty commonly need. We hope these links help you locate information more quickly.