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Vernon Hodge

Professor, Environmental & Analytical Chemistry
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Office: CHE 211
Phone: 702-895-3845
Fax: 702-895-4072

Expert Areas

Analytical Environmental Chemistry


Post Doctoral Studies, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, 1970-1973 
Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, University of California, San Diego, 1970 
M.S., Organic Chemistry, San Diego State University, 1966 
B.S., Organic Chemistry, San Diego State University, 1963

Research Interests

Much of the research efforts of Dr. Hodge's group is focused on developing chemical methods and instrumental techniques for use in investigating the behavior of trace metals (radioactive and stable) in the environment. The ultimate goal of the research is to identify the role of speciation on the movement and fate of natural metals and radioactivity and those metals mobilized or created by man. Students are currently working on: 1) the determination of radium, uranium and plutonium isotopes in drinking water by radioactivity techniques and ICP/MS; 2) the determination of plutonium and cesium in sediments from Utah reservoirs and in trees from Utah in order to evaluate the impact of atomic weapons testing at the Nevada Test Site; 3) the occurrence of the natural radioactivity polonium in fish from Lake Mead; 4) the analysis of well water by ICP/MS in order to fingerprint the water in an attempt to identify its source and subterrian travel time; and 5) the analysis of flora and fauna near radioactively hot-thermal hot springs to determine the affect of the hot spring on the background radioactivity. 

Selected Publications

K. H. Johannesson, K. J. Stetzenbach, V. F. Hodge, "Rare Earth Elements as Geochemical Tracers of Regional Groundwater Mixing," Geochemica et Cosmochimica Acta, 61, 3615-3618 (1997). Refereed.

K. H. Johannesson, K. J. Stetzenbach, V. F. Hodge, D. K. Dreamer, and X. Zhou, "Delineation of Groundwater Flow Systems in the Southern Great Basin Using Aqueous Rare Earth Element Distributions," Groundwater, 35, 807-819 (1997). Refereed.

D. K. Kreamer, V. F. Hodge, I Rabinowitz, K. H. Johannesson, and K. J. Stetzenbach, "Trace Element Geochemistry in Water from Selected Springs in Death Valley National Park, California,"Ground Water, 34, 95-104 (1996).

K. H. Johannesson, K. J. Stetzenbach, D. K. Kreamer, and V. F. Hodge, "Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Arsenic and Selenium Concentrations in Groundwaters from South-central Nevada and Death Valley, California," J. of Hydrology, 178, 181-204 (1996).

K. H. Johannesson, K. J. Stetzenbach, V. F. Hodge, and W. B. Lyons, "Rare Earth Element Complexation Behavior in Circumneutral pH Groundwaters: Assessing the Role of Carbonate and Phosphate Ions," Earth and Planetary Sci. Lett., 139, 305-319 (1996).

V. F. Hodge, C. Smith, and J. Whiting, "Radiocesium and Plutonium: Still Together in "Background" Soils After More than Thirty Years," Chemosphere, 32, 2067-2075 (1996).

V. F. Hodge, K. Stetzenbach, and K. H. Johannesson, "Initial Results for the Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectroscopic Determination of Trace Elements in Organs of Striped Bass from Lake Mead, USA," Chapter 14 in Biomarkers for Agrochemicals and Toxic Substances, ACS Symposium Series 634 (refereed), 1996.

V. F. Hodge, K.H. Johannesson, and K. Stetzenbach, "Rhenium, Molybdenum, and Uranium in Groundwater from the Southern Great Basin, USA: Evidence for Conservative Behavior," Geochim. et Cosmochim, Acta, 60, 3197-3214 (1996).