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Scott Nowicki

Assistant Professor in Residence
Department of Geoscience
Office: LFG 204-B
Mail Code: 4010
Phone: 702-895-1239
Fax: 702-895-4064


Remote Sensing and GIS, Planetary Geology, Environmental Modeling, Geomorphology


I use advanced Remote Sensing and GIS mapping techniques in combination with classical field methods to investigate the effects of both natural and anthropogenic processes on the physical properties and distribution of surface materials. Primarily focused on the thermal response of climatic surfaces on Earth and Mars, my science is a combination of quantitative geomorphology and environmental modeling. In the past, this has allowed me to determine the surface history and map landing hazards on the planet Mars, but there is even more that can be understood about these surface processes and physical properties on Earth. Climate and habitat modeling rely upon a robust set of geospatial datasets in order to assess the distribution and stability of ecosystems and environmental buffers. My mapping provides a better understanding of the uppermost layer of the Earth on which we live and rely upon, and how that layer might be changing today and in the future.

My second field of interest is in developing the knowledge, tools, and community to act upon our understanding of the geologic and geographic processes I study.