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Philippos Tsourkas

Assistant Professor
School of Life Sciences
Office: WHI 107
Mail Code: 4004
Phone: 702-895-3390
Fax: 702-895-3956


The goal of my research is to develop computational tools to aid in achieving an understanding of complex biological systems, with a particular focus on the human immune system. My research philosophy has two aspects. One is to develop models that will serve as “digital analogs” to biological systems. Such models enable rapid testing of biological hypotheses through “virtual” experiments (which may not always be possible to perform in the real world) and thus generate biological insight in a rapid, efficient, and cost-effective manner. The other aspect of my work is to develop sophisticated analysis methods for high-throughput genomic data in order to extract useful biological knowledge from such large datasets. Both aspects of my research involve close collaboration with experimental biology groups.


Bioinformatics, Mathematical Modeling


Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley