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Kate Korgan, Ph.D.

Senior Associate Dean of the Graduate College
Graduate College
Office: FDH 304
Phone: 702-895-4070


Kate Korgan is senior associate dean of the graduate college. Dr. Korgan came to UNLV in 1995 and is a tenured faculty member in the Department of Sociology and a faculty affiliate in Women’s Studies, Cultural Studies and the Asian Studies program.  Her research and teaching specializations are social theory, qualitative methods, visual studies, sex/gender studies and contemporary Chinese culture. As a co-founder of the Sex and Body Industry Research Project (The SABIR Project) with colleague and co-author, Barb Brents, she studies the organization and expansion of the sex industry in the United States and documented what has been called 'the pornographication of everyday life.' Specifically, they have focused on the structure, organization and culture of the sex industry in Las Vegas (so-called sin-city and the symbolic center of the American sex industry) and on America's only system of legalized prostitution: the Nevada brothels.

Dr. Korgan's current research endeavors include: the "Lolita Syndrome," or the sexualization of pre- and early teens in the media and popular culture; ongoing research on prostitution and various forms of sex work and global trafficking issues’; and research combined with a service learning program addressing homeless youth. Before becoming a graduate college administrator, Dr. Korgan served on numerous department, college, university and system committees; she continues to be dedicated to both university and community service.