Gayle Juneau-Butler, Ed.D.

Executive Director of Academic Advising
Office of Executive Director of Academic Advising
FDH 733
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Juneau-Butler grew up in Louisiana and lived in Florida for 10 years prior to moving to Las Vegas in 2006. Juneau-Butler possesses 14 years of experience in higher education in the areas of recruitment, admissions, academic advising, and developing retention-based programming for student services. Her doctoral degree is in diversity studies and her interests in this realm include authoring social responsibility, desegregation of public school systems in the southern United States, and writing anti-hegemonic standpoints about race, class, and gender issues. In addition, she is a part-time instructor in the Department of Women’s Studies. Juneau-Butler is involved with mentoring disadvantaged children in Southern Nevada, St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, and is a diversity educator for the environmental education certification program sponsored by the UNLV Public Lands Institute.

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