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Barbara St. Pierre Schneider

Associate Professor
Office: BHS 355
Mail Code: 3018
Phone: 702-895-1216
Fax: Fax: 702-895-4807


Barbara St. Pierre Schneider is a student-centered, certified nurse educator who teaches graduate courses and mentors undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in nursing and other disciplines. She is a recipient of teaching and curriculum grants, and has published and presented on the methodological quality of nursing education research. In addition, she recently published The Shortest Grant Writing Book You Will Ever Need to guide faculty and students who are new to grant writing.

Schneider’s program of research is focused on the white blood cell response to skeletal muscle injuries. The program has recently become integrated with the U.S. military’s national security plan to potentially aid thousands of wounded or health-stricken military personnel who require air evacuation each year. She has received approximately $3 million in intramural and extramural research funding.

In addition to her teaching and research, Schneider is one of eight fellows leading a collaborative research and education initiative at UNLV. The initiative is focused on educating faculty about team science and bringing faculty from different disciplines to work as an interdisciplinary team.

Student Mentoring

Schneider mentors undergraduate students who are interested in learning the research process and advancing the scientific foundation related to white blood cell responses to skeletal muscle injuries. She creates a multicultural, inclusive research environment and encourages students to become intentional learners. Her goal is for students to produce deliverables and gain confidence in the research skills.

Schneider also mentors graduate students who have a desire to become intentional learners and scholars of specific areas of inquiry. She helps identify strategies that will support their research and learning goals, encourages reflective practices to advance their scholarship abilities, and supports students in specific scholarship activities, such as presentations and manuscripts. Students complete their graduate education with a deeper understanding of research, an advanced practice of intellectual rigor, and the ability to steward the nursing discipline.

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